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New Business Cards: Review

Over the years I have had several business cards.

Back in the not so distant past you had to go to a printers, have a design created and then order a minimum quantity.

The problem with this was you ended up with thousands of cards and in my case many of them ended up in the bin due to address / telephone number changes.

Fortunately, these days you can get cards printed in small batches at an affordable price – £15.79 delivered. For that reason, I have just had 50 new cards printed and even tried out something I was not 100% sure about (having a picture). I figured that it was not the end of the world if I did not like it as I only have 50 of them to get rid of before updating my design. Luckily, I like the result anyway.

For the price, quality and service I think it is very good. My card is full colour, printed both sides, has a glossy finish and is on premium paper as standard.

I chose Moo because I like their premium cards. I think that my business and any new contacts I meet is worth a premium business card.

On a personal note, I always think it looks a bit shabby when somebody gives you a cheap and flimsy business card, or worse still homemade. I vividly recall a time I was handed a home-printed card only for the slight rain to cause the ink to run on to my fingers while I was chatting. Not nice.

With cards being so affordable these days, and very easy to design online I don’t think there is much of a barrier.

The Moo design interface is simple. I uploaded my logo and added text, QR code and my picture all in their online interface. Once designed, I selected my paper options and completed the order. It only took 5 working days for Moo to print and ship my business cards to me.

They offer a whole range of other printed products too.

I have not been paid to do this review, but I do get asked about services like this and decided to do a post. My link is a referral link so if you have found this helpful and would like to try them please use my link and you will get a reward too –

From my experience, I would highly recommend them. The quality is good and they come in a good quality box too.

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