Llyn Celyn, Wales

Drone Footage

Llyn Celyn reservoir was constructed between 1960 and 1965 in the valley of the River Tryweryn in Gwynedd, Wales. At the time, controversy surrounded the reservoir and regular graffiti shows that it is still resented by some. The construction involved flooding the village of Capel Celyn and the adjacent farmland. Not only did a Welsh village disappear, but the reservoir also provided no benefit to Wales. It was constructed by Liverpool Corporation Waterworks to provide water to Liverpool and the Wirral.

Perhaps the fact that Liverpool City Council avoided having to gain consent from the Welsh planning authorities by obtaining authority through an Act of Parliament caused a large amount of this animosity.

In 2005 Liverpool issued the following apology:

“The Council acknowledges its debt to the many thousands of Welsh people who have made their homes in the City. They have, in so many ways, enriched the life of the City. We know that Liverpool, especially in the fields of medicine and education, has been of real service to the people of Wales. We realise the hurt of forty years ago when the Tryweryn Valley was transformed into a reservoir to help meet the water needs of Liverpool. For any insensitivity by our predecessor Council at that time, we apologise and hope that the historic and sound relationship between Liverpool and Wales can be completely restored.”

The 4K drone footage is accompanied by relaxing piano music, perfect for sleep music, meditation music, relaxation and relieving stress.

Using My Footage

There are 22 drone clips in this set of aerial footage. The featured video above demonstrates some of them. My footage is available to license for use in personal or commercial projects. This drone footage is in 4K at 30FPS. This enables you to zoom/crop if you need HD footage and the frame rate allows you to slow down the footage to 80% to achieve 24FPS.

To use my video clips in your project, please get in touch via the button below with more information.

Preview Files

The preview files are heavily compressed to reduce their size and prevent unauthorised use. These files are for assessment purposes only and can be downloaded and shared to assess suitability for use in your project.


All media gathered on location in August 2022.


The relaxing piano music featured in the video is available to license for use in video and other media projects starting from £2.95.

0:00 In Nature – https://www.beanstalkaudio.com/royalty-free-audio/in-nature
1:55 Mystic Tree – https://www.beanstalkaudio.com/royalty-free-audio/mystic-tree
4:00 If You Were Here – https://www.beanstalkaudio.com/royalty-free-audio/if-you-were-here
7:40 Senses – https://www.beanstalkaudio.com/royalty-free-audio/senses

The music in the video starts again at 10:52

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