Happy New Year and Thank You!

I would like to thank everybody who has supported me in 2022. Whether you’ve used my music, sound effects, or editing services I really appreciate it. Your support is the reason I get to follow my passion. Interestingly, I did a quick tally and in the last 6 months I created over 27 hours of relaxation music/videos for my new YouTube channel Scenic Exploration. If you are interested in relaxation music check it out!

It is a privilege to make music for a living and this year, I have big plans to make even more music, as well as continue to provide my audio production services. No new years resolutions, just a firm intention of creating more music.

Towards the end of last year, I had a Black Friday incident… you know the type… I spent more money than I expected on new sounds. This is great as I will be able to create more styles of music going forward.

What big plans have you got for 2023? If there’s anything I can help with do get in touch.

I also intend to do some scoring to picture this year, whether it be composing music for films or games, I am up for a challenge.

All the best for 2023

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