Flixton Community Band

10-Year Commemorative Composition


This was a special piece of music composed to celebrate 10 years of Flixton Community Band. It was composed by myself, Lee Pritchard and Orchestrated by Danny Lowery in the first quarter of 2023.

It is an immense privilege to have composed this piece of music in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of the Flixton Community Band. As both a member of the band and a composer, I eagerly embraced this challenge. Nevertheless, it proved to be one of the most demanding compositions I have undertaken thus far. As a contemporary computer-based producer, I seldom have the occasion to compose for real instruments, let alone for an entire band.

The band holds a special place in my heart. During my school years, I played the trombone for approximately 7 years until my early twenties. However, I experienced musician burnout and eventually abandoned the instrument. Thanks to the band, I reignited my passion for trombone playing and returned to it after a hiatus of 24 years,
joining the Flixton Community Band in 2017. This band offers people of all ages the opportunity to learn an instrument and allows former players to resume playing.

About the Composition

The composition narrates the band’s inception and the gradual strengthening of its foundation over the years until the unwelcome arrival of Covid abruptly halts everything. Nonetheless, when activities resume, the band emerges victorious and grows even stronger. The piece also features a brief solo from Richard Bond, our
talented euphonium player, which segues into the finale. Richard’s soaring notes leave us on an exultant high, with his euphonium reaching an impressively high pitch!

About the Titles

To promote inclusivity and active participation, I held a contest among the band members to name the various sections. The winners are as follows:

Work Title: Evolution

Named by Theo Walls-Hodges, Soprano Cornet

Part 1: Prelude for a Decade

Named by Richard Bond, 1st Euphonium

Part 2: Contentment

Named by Sue Wilkinson, Solo Horn

Part 3: Trepidation

Named by Denis O’Gara, 2nd Cornet

Part 4: Togetherness: Into the Light

Named by Stephen Shawcross (Togetherness), Solo Cornet & Denis O’Gara (Into the Light), 2nd Cornet


This composition is the work of Lee Pritchard and is dedicated to Wendy Spencer (Tutor) and Danny Lowery (MD) for their unwavering commitment to creating and nurturing the band since 2013.

Danny Lowery

Danny Lowery, the musical director, bears the weighty responsibility of guiding the band and ensuring that they perform at their optimum level. Danny has invested much of his free time in advancing the band and the skills of its members. His relaxed yet authoritative demeanour commands the players’ respect and renders
band rehearsals a positive and enjoyable experience for players of all proficiencies. Since day one, he has served as the MD and has played a pivotal role in the growth and musical accomplishments of the band.

Wendy Spencer

Always with a smile and a sharp sense of humour, Wendy assumes the crucial responsibility of tutoring new players and reacquainting lapsed players with their skills. Additionally, she plays an indispensable role in coordinating the administrative and logistical aspects of the band. For instance, she ensures that we have
adequate chairs, music stands, and timely access to sheet music. Her contribution to the band is essential for the smooth operation of its activities and the progression of new players.

Other Honourable Mentions

The Flixton Community Band owes its origins to Paul Thomason, who served as the band manager and received invaluable assistance from Wendy and Danny in its establishment.

Richard Bond, a promising euphonium player, joined the band at the tender age of five during its inaugural rehearsal and remains an active member to date. The band provided Richard with an excellent foundation to pursue his music career, and he has since made significant progress on the euphonium. Despite joining the principal Flixton Band recently, Richard remains fully committed to the community band.

Janet and Suzanne Brierley were also present at the band’s inception and continue to play in the cornet section.

The community band boasts a diverse range of members, including the oldest student so far, Stanley Hocking, who started learning the trombone at the youthful age of 73. Stanley became a respected member of the trombone section but had to withdraw due to the Covid risk. However, we eagerly anticipate his return to the band. Here is a short interview with Stan