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Free Music to Use In Your Videos and Podcasts

These music tracks are free to download but you can send me a tip from the download page if you want to support me as a composer.

Alternatively, please license my tracks from my stock music website BeanstalkAudio.com, prices start as low as £1.63.

If you are not in a position to donate, you can download them for free

Terms of Use & FAQs

Before you start downloading, please have a look at these Terms and FAQs so you understand what you can and cannot do with the tracks.

If you have any questions not covered, please email me

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Hear the Music

You can listen to the music on this YouTube playlist. Each video has the download link in the description. You can also access the track downloads from the archive below.

Free Music Archive

LITE = mp3 only, does not include the numerous edits or wave formats of the full version that can be licensed

No.Track NameLITE VersionFull Version
16Summer Drive (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
15Don’t Wanna Tell You (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
14Glittering Cloud Drops (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
13Inspired Journey (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
12Sunday Afternoon (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
11Coming Home Again Acoustic (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
10Quietly Confident (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
9Good Days Are Here (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
8Chariots of Glory (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
7Let’s Go (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
6Natural Flow (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
5Shining Like a Light (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
4Golden Sunrise (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
3Keep Going Forever (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
2Seaside Breeze (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
1Summer Rain (LITE)Free DownloadBuy License
No.Track NameLITE VersionFull Version