Give your DJ Set Identity and Character

Custom DJ Drops

These DJ Drops have music for demonstration purposes. Supplied DJ Drops don’t have music included.

Your Drops, Your Script

A custom DJ Drop with a professional voice-over is a great way to promote your identity during your mix or set. For example, include your DJ name, website, socials, upcoming events, awards, etc. A vocal drop typically has your DJ name, but you could mix it up too with some fun generic ones, such as, In the Mix, Banging Out the Phat Beats, Feel the Power, and more. If you are looking for low-cost generic DJ drops and phrases, see my other website

For custom drops… Read on…

Voice Overs

I work with several voiceovers to give you a few options.

The Process

The process is really simple

I then work on your audio and send you a download link within 3-5 working days.

The following video is 11 years old from my work with MediaMusicNow, but the process I use is still the same.

What You Get

You get 25 versions of the same drop with a variety of vocal effects. This way you can choose whichever works best for you. You also get the DRY version in case you want to add your own processing. This video demonstrates.

(I am the producer at MediaMusicNow too)

DJ Drops FAQs

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