Mobile Recording Service

Recording Services for NW England & North Wales

Historically, my background is in live sound and studio engineering, spanning back to the 1990s. This included working on the entertainment circuit around the UK. I learned a lot and gained invaluable experience as a live sound engineer, but I wanted to get away from the late nights and smokey clubs. I gained an HND in Music Technology at City College Manchester and worked my way into composing music and audio production.

I still enjoy recording so I am dusting off the old microphones (classics!) and I am available for location recordings of local groups and bands. I have a 12-track setup that is suitable for many purposes.

My microphones and recorders

As you can see from the recorders and selection of microphones I have a variety of different options available for recording.

My current setup is suited to live recording with the whole band or group playing simultaneously. It is not a studio recording setup with overdubbing of individual instruments/sections. There will be up to 12 live microphones strategically placed around the room. The band can play as many times as needed. If there are any mistakes you will have to play again because there is no means to do overdubs in a live recording.

You must have access to a suitable venue for the recording session. This can be a venue where you regularly rehearse or one that you hire for the purpose of live recording. Please bear in mind that the venue acoustics and any external sounds around the venue will have an impact on the recording. Ideally, you should avoid venues that have heavy traffic noise nearby.

I recommend that all phones be turned off during the session, not just on silent because they can still cause electromagnetic interference. I also discourage spectators as they have a tendency to chatter, use their phones or just generally move around at inopportune moments.

A Video Tour of my Mobile Recording Kit

Mobile Recording FAQs