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Stock Music Collaboration

for Selected Musicians & Singers

Your Benefits

As a composer and music producer, I work with music software, synths, and samples. As good as these are, they can not replace the feel and sound of real instruments and vocals.

I want to work with talented and like-minded musicians and singers to create great music that will benefit both of us.

Simple Deal

Music copyright is complicated. Fortunately, I have a good understanding of it from working in the industry for over 20 years.

In short, the deal I am offering is known as a barter agreement where no money exchanges hands. Instead, you get a limited license to use the finished musical work in certain ways.

In return for your help, I am offering you a number of benefits aimed at helping you in your growth as a session musician or artist. The benefits offered are aimed at the personal user side of the music business. I need to retain all of the benefits related to the commercial use of the music and publishing.

The benefits licensed to you may vary depending on the individual situation but may include:

Perform it Live

If you are an aspiring artist or singer you can use the music as part of your live set. I will provide a backing track version for you to use.

Your Portfolio

If you are looking for session work it can be useful to have examples of music you are included in. You can use the music as part of your portfolio.

Offer it to fans

You can offer it to fans for personal listening either as a streamed or download option.


You can generate a limited revenue from it, either by selling it to fans from Bandcamp as a download, as a fan club benefit, or by using it on your monetised YouTube channel.

My Benefits

I retain all rights in relation to copyright. I will be the copyright owner, publisher, and distributor of the music for all licensing purposes.

I will have the sole right to offer licenses for commercial use of the music including but not limited to:

  • Broadcast advertising
  • Online adverts
  • Products
  • Games, software & apps
  • Films
  • TV & Radio
  • Business and corporate video
  • Background music for vlogs

I will also be registering it in various copyright protection schemes.

What I Do

I compose and produce stock music, which I distribute online via my own website and several other music libraries. Media creators can license my music to use in their videos, vlogs, or advertising projects. Stock music (aka royalty-free music, library music, production music) is a very competitive industry and as a result, the music may or may not get licensed. Therefore, it is important for me to create as much quality music as quickly and economically as possible.


Current Collaborative Artists

I am creating a small information page for each artist I work with. I worked with my first musician in 2022/23 so this section should grow over time. Here you can see who I have worked with, listen to the music, and get in touch with them.

Guitarist – Anthony Wilkinson

Interested in collaborating?

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