How to Get Started in Music Production for Free

If you or someone you know has aspirations about getting into music composition this is a must-read. It is about a powerful music production software (currently Windows only) that was previously $499, but it is now absolutely free.

When I started out everything was very expensive, samples were unrealistic sounding and computer music systems were primitive by today’s standards. Whereas today, anyone who has a reasonably powerful computer or laptop can easily get started.

Is Free Any Good?

Sometimes not, but this music production software is definitely one of those exceptions.

I spent hundreds of pounds on this software over many years, upgrading to newer versions frequently to keep my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) up-to-date. I even paid for lifetime updates when they made it available so that I would always be using the up-to-date software.

The software in question is brilliant and started its life in 1987. With decades of development, I was very happy with it, however, in 2017 they went out of business.

This was sad, and although there are several other very good DAWs around I did not like the idea of having to learn a new software after using Cakewalk for so many years.

A Lifeline

Just when I was considering which software to switch to, a company called Bandlab bought Cakewalk’s assets. As part of their marketing strategy, they decided to offer the Cakewalk software for free. Not only that, but they are actively improving and updating it too.

For anyone interested in getting into music composition, or music production, this is an amazing chance to get a really professional DAW for no money.

Get your copy of Cakewalk by BandLab here. It includes the core premium features which used to cost $499.

As this is such an established software there are loads of tutorials online and on YouTube, so you can become a master producer without needing a college course.

To be clear this, is not a cut down version, this is the full, very professional DAW software capable of producing broadcast standard music.

I am not affiliated with Bandlab in any way, but just think this is worth sharing. Feel free to forward this post and let me know how you get on in the comments section.

I am going to do more of these posts about free tools and software so make sure you follow my Facebook page for updates.

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