Put the Sound of the BBC Symphony Orchestra Into Your Music for FREE!

My previous post was about a free DAW. This time I want to share more free stuff, specifically a free VST. The downside to free is that much of it is not very good, so to ensure I am only sharing worthwhile free content, my criteria is that I should either want to use it myself or have used it in the past in at least one production.

Raising the Orchestral Bar

There are lots of decent paid-for orchestral sound libraries, however, the fact that you can get the sound of the BBC Symphony Orchestra for free is a game-changer.

Spitfire Audio

The orchestral library has been meticulously sampled by Spitfire Audio, a UK company that is excellent in so many ways. By the way, I am not being paid to say this, it is my view. They produce really good stuff and from what I see, they are interested in more than just money. For instance, all of the musicians they use to record the samples get royalties from the sales. This is something that is not normally done and I am not aware of any other company that does this.

The Catch

Okay, there is a slight catch… It is actually £49, OR Free.

There BBC Symphony Orchestra comes in three options

  1. Discover – £49 OR Free
  2. Core – £399
  3. Professional – £899

Discover is £49 if you want it instantly. But if you are prepared to complete a short questionnaire and wait 14 days for your download link, it is free. I did the latter and got my free copy.

My Experience

So, I got my free copy of Discover and downloaded it. It is tiny, 200mb in size. That is amazing for a full orchestral library with such great quality sounds. I was not looking for more orchestral sounds as I had recently bought a lot of new sounds, but when it is free, it’s a no-brainer. It had to be done.

The day after I started using Discover I saw a video review of the Core version, which is the next step-up at a cost of £399. But, there was a sale on (these happen often with sample libraries), it was £299. You also get the £49 off that you spent on the Discover version (even if you got it free). So, for £249 the temptation was too great for me, I gave in to gear lust again. Good work Spitfire Audio.


Whether you are a professional, a hobbyist or just starting in music you need to get this now as there is no guarantee that Discover will remain free. Even at £49 it would be a good investment, but for free is almost unbelievable. It brings top-notch orchestral sounds within reach for everyone.

Get Yours Here

Feel free to comment about your experience with it, and have fun.

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