Westworld Scoring Competition 2020 with Spitfire Audio Sounds

This is my entry into the Spitfire Audio scoring competition for 2020. #westworldscoringcompetition2020

Westworld Scoring Competition 2020 | Entry by Lee Pritchard

I have only scored to video 3 other times, so enjoyed this challenge and would really like to do more of this, especially now I have some great sounds to use.

The competition states that you can use any sounds, not just theirs. However, they have some amazing free sounds so I thought it would be fun to try and do it with just those, but that did not work out entirely as planned.

They have a collection of sounds called LABS, available on a free instant download and they also have a cut down version of their recent sample library ‘BBC Symphony Orchestra’. It is called ‘Discover’ and you can pay £49 to get it instantly, or you can get it free by completing a questionnaire and receive a download link after 14 days.

I did the latter and got a free copy. However, their clever marketing tactic got me. There Pro version of this library costs £899. However, the £49 (or free) version called Discover has an upgrade path to their Core version, which is £399. But wait… there was a sale, so £299… and then they remove the £49 cost of the Discover version (that I did not even pay). So, I was too tempted at £250 and ended up getting it and using it in my entry.

I am very pleased that I purchased the Core library, but I am pretty sure the Discover version would have done a brilliant job too, and my purchase was not because I *really* needed the upgrade. I just suffer from ‘gear lust’. That said, I need to justify the investment now by writing and selling some top-notch orchestral music.

With such amazing and inexpensive/free options available there has never been a better time to get into music production.

If you would like to learn more about this subject and hear more of my music, please follow my new Facebook page @leepritchardmusic. I will be writing about other free music/business software on this blog in the coming months.

Links to the samples used

The Spitfire Audio competition details

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