Drone FAIL: Chased Away from Ribblehead Viaduct by Oystercatcher Birds

When I insured my drone I never considered bird attacks… wonder if I am covered ????

Today I had to abandon my filming because of two annoyed birds. You can see how close these got. I could see them going around it and when I hit reverse you can see them chasing it as the camera was facing back. I was doing 33mph and they were easily keeping up. The single beep is the proximity alarm as one of them nearly gets hit with the rear of the drone after flying into its path. After another near impact, I decide to let autopilot take over and hit the go home button. Very nerve-racking. What you could see in the camera was only a small part of it. They were all round it and chased it until it landed. Gulp. New trousers please.

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