The Top 4 Reasons to Record Your Brass Band

Well, there are a few possible reasons that I can think of…

Legacy and Nostalgia

Not everybody is lucky enough to continue playing in a brass band into their old age, perhaps for health reasons, or family or work commitments. Capturing your band’s sound at a certain point in time creates a lasting record, and with digital technology, it will live on for eternity.

Being able to own a recording of your band when you were playing in it or when you were conducting the band is a great memory to hold on to. Well, it is now affordable, especially if you spread the cost between the members it can cost *less than a takeaway meal each.

Many years from now, you will listen back to the recording you took part in and feel very nostalgic. Not only that, it is a lasting legacy for your family.

*The typical price for my brass band recording service is £495 this is only £16.50 per person assuming 30 members. Pre-booked launch offer in July is £295 / £9.84 per person.

To Promote Yourself

Promotion is often online and this means that people expect to see and hear the band they are intending to hire. Providing recordings gives a real sense of the sound and repertoire of your brass band.

Audio can easily be combined with footage or images and be uploaded to YouTube and then embedded into your website for your visitors and members to listen to. Failing that, a simple mp3 file can easily be added to websites or emailed directly to interested parties.

Gifts for Patrons & Supporters

Most bands rely on the public to support them financially. Many offer supporters clubs where, for a fee, members get certain perks, like free concert tickets etc.

You can extend this to providing them with recordings of the band, after all, they are supporting you because they love the sound of brass bands. So why not give them a perk that they will really appreciate and treasure. You could do this by giving them, early copies, signed copies or exclusive recordings just for them.

To Sell a CD or Vinyl Record

CDs are in decline with the younger generation. These days most people consume their music via streaming services. However, it may be worth considering a run of CDs as many people of an older generation still have and listen to CDs.

If you are going to sell CDs, I would advise having a digital delivery option too. This could be a download link/code provided in the CD case. This way you can cater for all markets.

Vinyl is experiencing a resurgence over the last few years so that could be an option too. I guess you will have to gauge how your audience wants to enjoy the music and cater accordingly to their preference.

Once you have the digital masters you can adapt that to any delivery medium you need. I can help you with all of this.

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