Stock Music & Sound Effects

A big passion of mine is composing and producing music. It is also a big part of my income. Back in 2005, I co-founded MediaMusicNow, which hosts my music and thousands of other music tracks from hundreds of composers globally. It is also a source for sound effects.

However, in recent years, I decided to start developing my own catalogue with music exclusively written by me or commissioned exclusively for my new library,

Beanstalk Audio – Music written or commissioned by me

MediaMusicNow – Music & sound effects from many suppliers

With the music that I own the copyright to, on BeanstalkAudio, I can be more flexible with pricing and licensing as the income comes directly to me. Whereas with MediaMusicNow, most of the music is owned by independent composers who use music libraries to help generate their income.

Music Subscription – I can offer great deals to supporters

Custom Written Music – I am always looking for custom projects

Free Music – Some completely free music

Listen for Free on Spotify – BeanstalkAudio is on all major streaming platforms