My Nightmare with iLok, AIR Music Technology and Dropbox – A Warning to All!

I don’t like doing these kind of posts as they are negative, however, I decided to do it as a warning to others, and if it can help anyone else avoid the days of reinstalling that I had to do, then it is worth it. Also, there was a general attitude of not really worrying about the problems from the companies selling the software. If they had taken it seriously I wouldn’t be writing this post. It is not just me, you can see this all over the web with a little research.

This is primarily an issue with Air Music Technology, Sonivox and iLok but highlighted an issue that could affect anyone using Dropbox.

It started when I bought a bundle of synths from (a reseller).

They were a great deal, and sounded perfect for my needs. Upon installing them I had to do a restart of my computer and this caused the dreaded blue screen of death (BSoD). At the time, I did not connect the issue and installing the software.

I tried to do a restore using restore points, but no matter what I tried the restore kept failing. This was due to Dropbox.

Upon researching this, it was a known issue from many months back, but Dropbox still does not seem to have addressed the problem. So, if you are using Dropbox and their smart sync you may have broken your restore points on your Windows computer. You will only be aware of this when you run into a problem and have to use a restore point. Obviously, with restore points broken you will need to reset your computer. Not good.

So, after many hours of reformatting my computer and reinstalling my software, I get back to installing the new AIR Music Technology synths, What do you know, the same thing happened again!

I contacted who replied with a stock response and some help docs. Upon following their guide to the letter I had a further six (or so) BSoDs to contend with. At this point, I gave up with the software and told that I was not impressed. They did not respond for 10 days. Finally, they said they could not replicate the experience and would be prepared to access my PC to install them. Too little too late and not something I want to try again.

Why Did It Happen?

After much research, it turns out that some of the Sonivox and Air Music Technology installers try to install an older copy of iLok upon installation. Other software sometimes does this too, but will see that you have a newer version installed and ask you what you would like to do. Unfortunately, the crappy out-of-date installers being pushed by these companies does not do that and proceeds to install the older iLok software that then causes a conflict, resulting in a blue screen of death. To make this much worse, Dropbox selective sync software gets stuck at the same time resulting in your Windows restore points not working.

So, if you run a Windows-based music workstation, avoid Dropbox, Sonivox and Air Music Technology. There are many third party resellers of this music software, was just the one I used.

I really don’t think it is acceptable that companies are knowingly still selling software that causes these serious issues. This is not a small bug, it causes a major computer problem. Not having my music computer running is a problem and directly affects my income. And there are many people having the same issues with this software too.

Anyway, I hope that helps somebody avoid Dropbox, Sonivox and Air Music Technology and

It really isn’t worth the stress, and the companies involved seem to be doing nothing to help. I am not the only person this has happened to, so let’s make sure everybody knows. As I say, I hate doing this but this should not happen. They could implement a fix, either update the installers or stop selling out of date, dangerous software!

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