Starting Soon! Lee’s Trombone Channel

I decided to create a Trombone YouTube channel for a few reasons:

To Help Others

Being in a community band, I come into contact with a number of younger and older players all at various stages of their journey. My aim is to help other trombone players develop and grow using the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years.

Self Improvement

To improve my own trombone playing and hone my skills, I created online practice exercises and arrangements that I practice regularly. I also want to use the trombone (and other real instruments) in my future music productions, so this is a great way to make myself improve.

Trombone Covers

Some people think that the trombone is a backing instrument and not a solo instrument. This may be true in some scenarios, however, it is a wonderfully expressive instrument that can sound beautiful when played well. I don’t see enough great solo arrangements for trombone so I aim to create cover versions of music that I enjoy. It will also allow other trombonists to play along.