Halkyn Lead Mine, Flintshire, Wales | Drone Footage

I arrived on Sunday 6 December 2020 to record footage of this area. Unfortunately, the area was busy this day with weekend walkers and there were other people in the area flying racing drones. The weather was also pretty dull so I decided to stay in the area and try on Monday.

Monday was very cloudy and foggy early in the day, but despite weather conditions not being great, I decided to fly rather than come away with nothing.

In typical fashion, it remained cloudy until I had used my three batteries. Upon landing the drone the sun made an appearance. Luckily, my first battery was nearly recharged so I waited around and got some filming in the sun.

You can see evidence of the mining history of this area from the features and scars on the landscape. At the peak of production in 1934 the mine produced over 21,000 tonnes of lead. It was Britain’s largest lead producer. There are over 62 miles of tunnels and shafts throughout the area.

Drone Footage

Feature Video

There are 75 clips in this set of aerial footage. The video is a selection of some of the clips set to music to give you a feel of the footage quality.

You can view or download Low-Resolution Versions here in my DropBox. Please note: The preview files are heavily compressed to reduce their size and prevent unauthorised use.

Licensing Footage From This Set

My footage is available for licensing for use in your personal or commercial projects. All of this drone footage is in 4K at 30FPS. This enables you to zoom/crop if you need HD footage and the frame rate allows you to slow down the footage to 80% to achieve 24FPS. It is shot using the D-Cinelike setting for flatter colour profile so that you can use your grading preference. All files are MP4.

For licensing enquiries, please contact me directly


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