Website Development

How can I help?

Laptop open with WordPress admin on screen

I build fully editable websites that can have as many pages or posts as you like. I can also add a variety of functionality as you require, including shops, members areas, galleries and more.

Every website is mobile-friendly and SSL protected as standard.

I also provide tuition on how to edit your website and make your own changes/additions.

Why me?

After years of running online businesses, you learn a thing or two about websites and development. Nowadays, I either develop my own websites or work with other skilled developers and coders. I can organise all hosting too and develop most of the graphical content, such as logos, pictures and colours.

Build Your Own

Like many things, you can learn the skills needed and the software I use is free and very well supported. However, although the software is free, knowing how to set it up and get the most from it takes time and experience.

If you don’t have a budget to pay a developer or just want to have a go yourself take a look at these posts.

Want my help?

If you want some help, I would be happy to give you a quote for your project.

Just get in touch here

I can be hired to setup your website, Facebook, Twitter account graphics, social media pages etc. I am even happy to discuss your marketing and help you devise a plan for your online activity. I usually work remotely by email/phone, but can meet if you are local depending on your specific requirements.

I can help create anything from a basic WordPress website to a fully bespoke website.

What about examples?

It is not practical to display all of the websites I have ever built since 1998 as some are out of date now or the owners have edited the content beyond its original design, however, here are a few links of websites I have created (or helped to create) to give you an idea of my diversity and ability. These are in no particular order and open in a new window.