Free Instrument Tuition for Low Income Families & Individuals

This is available for low-income families or individuals who want to learn to play an instrument but can’t afford private lessons and can’t access lessons through education. It is run by musician volunteers who are happy to pass it forward and give something back.

“If every experienced player taught just 1 person, we would have an abundance of players.”

In an ideal world, children should have the option to learn an instrument in school, however, this is increasingly not happening (here in the UK) and there appears to be a shortage of players in bands.

This started from a blog post I wrote: Keeping Free Music Lessons Alive! A Possible Solution?

In the interest of fairness, I am also offering to list organisations and professional tutors. Furthermore, free lessons are only for people who genuinely can’t afford to join an organisation or pay for lessons.

How it works


As a volunteer, you register with us and tell us what instrument(s) you are willing to teach and what area you travel to. We post you on here and I will connect you with any enquiries. After that, it is between you and the student (or their parents) to organise lesson times and the location of the lessons.

Becoming a Student

It takes time and practice to become a musician, so you must be serious about learning and prepared to put in the work.


Volunteer Tutors

Want to learn but can’t afford it? Here is a list of volunteers offering free tuition.

Urmston, Manchester

  • Lee Pritchard – Offering to teach one new Trombonist – See profile >



  • Richard Barrett – Trombone, Euphonium, Baritone, Tenor Horn – Stockport – See profile >

Are you a musician? Want to give something back?

“If every experienced player taught just one person, we would have an abundance of players.”

Join us! Get in touch at

Organisations / Training Bands

If you have a modest budget and would like to learn in a group environment there are lots of organisations looking to teach people in their bands. These are charity organizations.

Want yours added? Email me with details at