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Promises, Promises, Promises…

It is standard practice for advertisers to bamboozle you with inflated metrics and make promises they can’t deliver on. But that’s not happening here; I’m going to keep it real! 🙂 I am an independent composer with a small but growing amount of highly targeted traffic in the niche of music, music production, and musicianship. I often receive inquiries from people looking for guidance or tutors, so it made sense to offer this directory.

As of the launch of this directory in May 2023, and for the immediate future, I am charging a small admin fee of £25 per year. This fee covers the initial setup and any minor changes as needed.

Purchase Your Page

Currently, I am offering listings for music tutors, gigging musicians and session musicians, and I am open to creating listings in other related areas. The annual listing fee is a Stripe subscription of £25. This is a page where you can include:

  • Text about you
  • Photo(s)
  • Audio clip
  • YouTube, spotify, SoundCloud embed etc.
  • Contact details
  • Links to socials
  • Website link
  • Whatever you want within reason.

Once you have set up your payment I will send you an email to request your page details and get your page up within a couple of days. I create the pages manually, so please don’t expect a login area or anything sophisticated like that. You need to send me an email if you need any changes in the future.


Have a look at the directory to see other people’s listings.