Audio Production

Screen displaying editing softwareI have been working in audio production for many years and can work on a variety of projects including:

  • Mixing music for dance classes and cheerleading.
  • Mixing music for weddings, funerals, parties and events.
  • Shortening, extending, looping music tracks
  • Editing and producing voice over audio for your project or show
  • Mixing voiceover, music and sound effects together to produce a soundtrack for your video or audio project
  • Mixing to TV and radio production standards
  • Editing and production for voice overs
  • Synchronizing voice, sounds and music to your video time-frame
  • Creating voice over demo reels with processing and music
  • Adding sound effects to video or audio
Get in touch with details about your project for prices. Prices may vary depending on my availability and the requirements of your project.